Seminars in the hotel of happiness

an unforgettable experience!

Seminar daily flat rate

Use of the seminar room with technical equipment incl. Beamer, flip charts, pin boards, …

Seminar package full board

Read everything about our full board seminar package incl. Overnight stay in a single room.

Examples of multi-day seminars

Here you will find tried and tested examples of seminars lasting several days.

Special meal requests

Your wish is our command. Please inform us of your special meal requests in good time.

We welcome you EXCLUSIVELY…

…in the Hotel of Happiness. According to your wishes, we enable you to have a Corona-free seminar experience: In addition to the classic seminar flat rates, you can rent the entire hotel for an exclusive amount. The house incl. Seminar rooms and the wellness area are then exclusively available to you!

With the most meticulous hygiene and safety measures, we ensure that you can hold your seminar with us without any worries, with the exclusive option also “undisturbed” by other guests.

How much does your “exclusivity day” cost: Prices excl. VAT
For seminars with up to 12 participants: € 1,900.00 (night) and € 800.00 (day)
For seminars with up to 20 participants: € 1,700.00 (night) and € 650.00 (day)
For seminars with 21 or more participants: € 1,500.00 (night) and € 500.00 (day)

Variant 1: You organize a retreat for 24 people, 3 days/2 nights with the classic seminar full board flat rate. On all three days, i.e. on the day of arrival as well as on the day of departure and during the two nights, you would like to be exclusively in our house. The seminar flat rate (24 x 283.50) will therefore cost you €6,804 plus an exclusivity fee of €4,500.

Or variant 2: Your group has 14 people, but it is only important to you that the second day and the two nights nobody else is in the house. Another seminar could depart on the day of your arrival, and a new seminar could arrive on the day of your departure. Lunch can of course take place in separate rooms. In this case, the seminar flat rate amounts to (14 x 283.50) € 3,969 plus an exclusivity fee of € 3,400.

Here you can find all the information on the subject of “exclusivity seminars”download .

We would be happy to create your individual exclusivity offer for you.
Your Haider family