Our cozy wellness area

can also be your relaxation oasis!

On 150 m² you will find a number of facilities that will help you to find yourself again after a strenuous day at a seminar or a long hike and to recharge your batteries.

Happiness is the highest form of joy about self-caused, momentary fulfillment of life. The more often and better we succeed in mastering our life as intended, the more likely it is to experience intense feelings of happiness. Fulfillment is when we can give our undivided attention to the “happy situation” for as long as possible.

Ewald Haider

Sauna with a choice of: “normal sauna” (Finnish sauna) or “soft sauna” (Klafs sanarium with 60° and 60% humidity)


Even the earliest cultures knew the healing effects of sweating. Today, sauna bathing is more popular than ever. One reason for this is the restorative and relaxing effect of this form of bathing – after just a few minutes in the sauna, even the busiest day is forgotten. Switch off, relax and gather new strength. Sauna bathing brings body and mind back into natural balance. Sauna bathing strengthens the immune system and the circulation and cares for the skin. Take enough time to have a sauna. Cleanse your body and get some fresh air. If you observe the sauna rules, you will soon feel soothing relaxation…

Klafs sanarium

The Klafs sanarium (or soft sauna) is a wonderful alternative to the sauna – especially for those people who don’t tolerate dry heat that well.

With a temperature of only 60°C and an air humidity of up to 60%, you will achieve well-being in a pleasant way.

And don’t forget – the health aspect also plays an important role in the Klafs sanarium. Just two visits to the Klafs sanarium per week can help, for example, to get high blood pressure under control – without any medication. Furthermore, important inflammatory parameters of the immune system are positively influenced.

€8 for 20 minutes or €3.50 for 10 minutes
Please understand that we would like to warn people with skin types I and II against tanning for too long!

skin types

You should know your skin type to be able to use the sun and the solarium correctly. The respective skin type results from the hereditary disposition and the tanning habits. There are six different skin types worldwide, with the first four skin types being the most common in Europe.

Skin Type I
approx. 2% of all Central Europeans – Celtic type. Strikingly light skin, reddish hair, heavy freckles, blue rarely gray eyes, very strong tendency to sunburn

skin type II
approx. 12% of all Central Europeans – light-skinned Europeans. Light skin, blond to light brown hair, few freckles, blue to gray or green eyes, strong tendency to sunburn.

Skin type III
approx. 78% of all Central Europeans – Dark-skinned Europeans. Normal skin, dark blond to brown hair, no freckles, gray to brown eyes, moderate tendency to sunburn.

Skin Type IV
about 8% of all Central Europeans – Mediterranean type. Light brown to olive skin, dark hair and eye color, no freckles, little tendency to sunburn.

whirlpool (jacuzzi)
In the warm water of a whirlpool, millions of air and water vortices loosen the muscles and simply bubble away stress.

€ 4,–; Duration approx. 13 minutes

Have you ever wondered why the sun’s rays still have the power to provide warmth even after millions of kilometers through cold space? The secret is the infrared rays. Because they warm the body directly without increasing the air temperature.

Infrared rays have the ability to cause atoms and molecules to vibrate. This releases energy that we perceive as warmth.

In our cedar cabin, the deep heat bath becomes an experience for all the senses. The play of colors supports your bathroom in an ideal way, because every color is said to have special properties that can be beneficial for body, mind and soul.

After a sauna or sunbathing, there is nothing nicer than “taking a break” … The lying or leaning option should be temperature-controlled but not too warm. Our ergonomically shaped heated lounger offers you the pleasant way of relaxing leaning – and with optimal relief for the joints.

Japanese relaxation room with colored light and aromatherapy

color light therapy

Colors have a great influence on our mood and are therefore very important for better well-being!

Yellow: is the color of cheerfulness, increases joie de vivre and creativity
Green: calms, creates balance and has a relaxing effect
Blue: the color of calm and stillness, for insomnia and anxiety
Red: promotes activity and energy balance

Of course you can enjoy all colors in a chronological sequence of individual length. Simply set “all” and the length in minutes on the selector wheel.


Let yourself be seduced by delicate exotic scents and immerse yourself in a dream world of your choice …

€ 3.50 for 30 minutes, 2 people possible because there are 2 water bottles in the relaxation room

Shiatsu is an independent, self-contained form of manual bodywork that takes the 5 elements theory into account.

The training to become a certified Shiatsu therapist lasts 3 years and is part of the masseur trade in Austria.

Using special techniques , the therapist uses the fingers, palms of the hands or even knees and elbows to direct and balance the inherent dynamic body energies , also known as Chi or Ki, into the designated channels ( meridians ). On special request, aids such as cupping glasses for tension or moxa herb for cold symptoms can also be used.

These touches are effortless. The client can lie and enjoy in complete relaxation and comfortable clothing!

The origin is assumed to be in ancient northern India-Nepal , where it spread through China to modern-day Japan. Its current form – including psychological aspects – as we know it here in the West, was brought to America and later to Europe by Shizuto Masunaga .

Shiatsu is particularly helpful for people with tension, stomach and digestive problems, headaches, cramps and muscle pain, sleep problems, listlessness, burn out, depression and much more.

50 minutes: € 70.–
Please register in advance

In July 2021 we are Dr. Yvonne Rutka and Thomas Bonneß moved from Vienna to St. Oswald. In our BODY WORKSHOP there are many areas for balancing body, mind and soul with our project SeelenNavigator. Also for refueling.

We have our own practice and music room for our activities in our house, Leithenweg 8. Thomas offers shiatsu massages and health prevention here. He also does this via home visits.

With us you always drink pure, crystal clear water. We are partners of the company “Bela Aqua”. Thomas will be happy to inform you about this and will also do a water analysis of your drinking water on site. If interested, just let me know.

Thomas also analyzes your strengths and characteristics for personality development using the date of birth from the Mayan calendar. In addition, your personal current calendar year. He will be happy to explain this to you personally or via telephone, WhatsApp or Messenger using video telephony.
He describes the daily quality of the day based on the Mayas in the Whats App group and on Facebook. See below.

Musically, Thomas’ new CD including music video ” JA ICH BIN BEREIT ” has been released on 453Hertz and is now available. Likewise his first CD “Alles ist Gut” including the song ” Gemeinsam statt Einsam “.

Yvonne has completely switched to life-philosophical accompaniment and support for personality development online. She creates 28-day online courses (Whats App, Telegram, by email or messenger), e-books and PDFs. In addition, she writes workbooks for your self-study. In addition, she accompanies you personally and individually with exercises to be more conscious and present in everyday life.

You are welcome to visit us personally in St. Oswald or on our websites, as well as on YouTube and Facebook. If you have any questions, contact us. We would also be happy to recommend you.

Yvonne & Thomas send you lots of energy, light and love

dr Yvonne Rutka,
Phone: +43 676 580 42 13
Internet: www.seelennavigator.at

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