Arriving by public transport – link to VOR
Please search the website with place of departure “Ybbs an der Donau Bahnhof” and destination “St. Oswald (Ysper) town centre”. If you cannot find a connection, please enter “Ysper” or “Yspertal” as your destination – we will pick you up from Ysper (3.5 km) free of charge.

If there is no public bus connection, a train station pick-up from Ybbs (€ 25.00) or Amstetten (€ 40.00) is possible depending on our capacities or availability. Please understand that the hotel’s own pick-up service cannot always be guaranteed. If necessary, please use the local taxi services:
Fa. Pachschwöll, St. Oswald: +43 676 / 848 994 288 or
Taxi Hader, Pöggstall: +43 2758 3300