Seminar hotel in the green

Together we are strong!

At the high events, it’s off to dizzy heights of up to 14 m – of course secured!

Kings X
An X-shaped mast structure is climbed in twos or threes tied together to the platform. The descent is successful by “floating away” backwards!

One person, secured by the group, climbs onto a mast, stands up unaided on a platform (disk, approx. 30 cm in diameter) and jumps into the safety ropes!

High Y
A Y-shaped steel cable stretched at a height of approx. 8 m enables 2 people to get from A to B. The two start separately, meet in the middle and reach the goal with mutual help!

With the low events you move into “ground proximity” – but watch out – as is well known, even water has no bars …

Spider web
One team has to get “through” the spider’s web to the other side – but watch out! Each hole may only be used once and touching the net is strictly prohibited

raft building
The task: to build a raft out of wood, barrels and ropes… and of course to try it out!

More low events