Hiking Waldviertel

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The southern Waldviertel mystical-meditative-powerful

Walking in the Waldviertel is particularly attractive here in the Ysper-Weitental, where the landscape shows movement. In the so-called “Donauwaldviertel” (the area between the Danube, Strudengau, Nibelungengau and Weinsbergerwald), differences in altitude are essential. They bring you to “real summit experiences” and excellent panoramic points with an overwhelming view of the nearby Alps.

Hiking map available from us!

The Ysperklamm: 9 places – 9 treasures finalist

The wildly romantic Ysperklamm is in the immediate vicinity of St. Oswald. Hiking information and hiking maps are available in the hotel. The Ysperklamm can also be wonderfully combined with several other hiking trails.

Information: Ysper Gorge


St. Oswald is located directly on the pilgrimage route to Maria Taferl, and the Way of St. James is only half a day away.

260 km of deceleration lie ahead of you. The merger of two existing circular hiking trails resulted in this wonderful long-distance hiking trail, which was divided into 13 stages. You are welcome to plan stages yourself and follow your own life story.

The tour diary for your personal journey through life can be bought at the Hotel des Glücks for €19.90.

Downloads: Life info folder

Running, right from the hotel door – on a well-measured and signposted route.

This special service is offered throughout the federal state of Lower Austria as a special runner service at numerous seminar hotels.

Under the motto: “Enjoy running”, there are a large number of attractive and attractive running routes available to running enthusiasts in all parts of Lower Austria. Former football team player Toni Pfeffer, who was appointed project manager by the Lower Austrian state government, said: “The routes are tailored to the needs of amateur runners. As a support, there are also flyers with the course of the route in all hotels, as well as trade journals and general tips for runners.”

Our route
length: 3,610 m,
Altitude difference: 25 m
45% paved paths, 55% asphalt

The start and finish of the varied 3,610 m long circuit are right in front of the Hotel des Glücks. On slightly sloping terrain we turn left on asphalt. After only 100 m we turn right in the direction of the sports facility. After we have passed the soccer field, after almost a kilometer we come into the forest. We now continue on paved hiking trails. The following beautiful forest loop has minor inclines – adjust your pace if necessary. After a total of 2.6 km, the loop returns to the original route. We turn right, leave the forest and walk back on the familiar path. After 3.6 km we are back at the starting point.

Tip 1: The attractive circuit has no notable inclines and is therefore also well suited for beginners and Nordic walkers.

Tip 2: Those who are in better shape can run the approx. 1,600 m long forest circuit a second time – this way you get a total of 5.2 km of route.

Leisure facility at the bathing pond

Approx. 500 m from the house is the new St. Oswald leisure facility. Here you will find various sports and leisure facilities that you can easily reach on foot. We would be happy to make the reservation for you!

  • 2 tennis courts with carpet and rubber granulate
  • Beach volleyball
  • Curling lanes: 3 new hard lanes in summer, curling at the pond in winter

An infinite paradise for cyclists!

In the bike region “Bike Waldviertel” there is not only a 700 km long “legal” mountain bike network, but also thousands of kilometers on side roads with little traffic.

Mountain bike map available from us

A flexible stick, a string and an arrow…

For millennia, people have been connected by the fascination and magic emanating from bows and arrows. Our two nearest 3D parcours offer you this fascination. With a 2 to 3 hour hike through the forests of Yspertal and Dorfstetten you can each approx. Hunt 30 animals. This is a nice sporting experience for every age group.

For beginners and those who decide spontaneously, complete equipment is available for a small rental fee. A rental for the necessary equipment is possible in both archery facilities. There, competent people will support you in the selection of bows, arrows, quivers, gloves and arm protection. Appropriate training will be offered to you if you register in advance.

Archery facility in Dorfstetten

The first year-round 3D course in the Waldviertel is a paradise for archery fans. In the middle of the 14-hectare Yspertal high forest, 30 animals from marmots to buffalo invite you to hunt. A bow rental is available for spontaneous decision-makers. Catering is provided with home cooking in the Buchinger inn. Total length about 4 km, time required 3-4 hours – a shortcut halfway through the course is possible. The hunt starts at the Gasthaus Buchinger (+43 (0)7260-8202, in the center of town.

Dorfstetten is only 10 km away from St. Oswald.

Email: info@bogensport-waldviertel.at
Internet: bogensport-waldviertel.at

Archery facility in Yspertal

The operators of the Yspertal archery club look forward to welcoming you to the archery course near the “Puschacherteich”. On the course with 32 3D targets, they can enjoy landscape, sport and hunting to the fullest, including the unique Tyrannosaurus Rex with a length of 5.50 m and a height of 4.15 m.

The Yspertal archery facility is only 6.5 km from St. Oswald.

Email: johannes.doerr@grawe.at
Internet: bogensportverein-yspertal.at

Our bowling alley is one of the few well-preserved and playable lanes from the bowling alley boom of the 1960s. Well maintained through professional care and regular maintenance, the lane has a long tradition and can already “look back” on several bowling clubs.

Our bowling alley offers a welcome change in the evening, be it after a strenuous day at a seminar or after a long hike.

It is assumed that the first table football table in Europe was developed by the Frenchman Lucien Rosengart (* 1880, † 1976). Lucien Rosengart was then an employee of the automobile manufacturer Citroën. Based on this “original table” (where the rods were still at the head ends), the Swiss company “Kicker”, based in Geneva, built their tables.

Our table is a table with tournament dimensions, 10 balls are played per game, throw-in 50ct.

A few great tips for trips

Visit the “SPECIAL GUSTOSTÜCKERL in the Waldviertel”.
The bosses will be happy to tell you personally about the special features of the Gustostückrl partner companies – insider tips in the Waldviertel!

Delicatessen partner businesses

A few great tips for trips

Visit the “SPECIAL GUSTOSTÜCKERL in the Waldviertel”.
The bosses will be happy to tell you personally about the special features of the Gustostückrl partner companies – insider tips in the Waldviertel!

Delicatessen partner businesses
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