Hotel Chronicle

Since the 15th century

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The vaulted cellar of the house is estimated at 1450. This stone vault is now used as a wine cellar. Tool marks on the granite and gneiss blocks have been dated to this time by experts. The oldest part of the existing building dates back to 1667 – this is today’s guest room, where an original aged “tram” with the year carved supports the ceiling.


Excerpt from the old parish chronicle:

“By Gattern (House No. 11): There must once have been a special gate (or lattice gate) here, because the house got its nickname from it. The inn business was run on this house. Now, in addition to the inn business, the butcher’s trade is also practiced, since the butcher Karl Mühlhammer, who sold house no (guilders) bought this house “at Gattern”.
Real estate in the year of the Lord 1823: 34 yokes, 11 klft² of land and 4 yokes 1271 klft² of forest, i.e. a total of 38 yokes 1282 klft². In the year of our Lord 1883 many lots were sold for 800fl and the house for 6,200fl. Burned down August 5, 1827 by lightning and the servant killed.


Family and hotel history:

In 1893 our great-grandparents – a farming family from the Fell (district of St. Oswald) – acquired the property. Their son – grandfather Karl Fischl – married Marianne von Weitzenböck in 1929. From that time on, the two ran the business. The family has always lived partly from income from the inn, partly from agriculture and also from the butcher’s trade.

Wilhelm Fischl – the last owner, born in 1937, came away from St. Oswald to the secondary school in Pöggstall when he was 10 years old. In 1957 he returned to St. Oswald after the “apprenticeship and travel years”. Together with his wife Gitti, he carried out a number of additions and conversions back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Milestones & Structural Changes:

1961: Establishment of a gas station (on the initiative of Wilhelm Fischl, but this was associated with major internal family discussions)

1968: Takeover of the family business by Wilhelm and Brigitta Fischl: inn and boarding house, farm, gas station. Their first big activity was the construction of an automatic bowling alley, again Willi and Brigitte had to assert themselves against the “family council”.

1972: Addition to the hospitality business: large dance hall and guest rooms with shower and toilet (!), first comfort rooms in the region

1973: Enlargement of the property, purchase of the farmhouse “Raingrub” including forest, meadows and farmland.

1980s: complete renovation and modernization of the house: hall, heating, electrical wiring, … Agriculture was pushed further and further into the background, gradually leased out and tourism was promoted

1989: Construction of “Villa Brigitta” with a private wing and 6 additional guest rooms, as well as a large swimming pool

1994: Conversion to a “seminar and holiday hotel” and expansion to 60 beds

1995: Shutdown of the gas station

1995: Classification as a **** hotel

September 1st, 1997: The current owners Petra and Ewald Haider take over the house and the farm

1998: Construction of the climbing garden (High Ropes Course) for seminars

1999: Renovation of the 7 oldest rooms to 2 suites, 2 double rooms and 1 single room as well as renovation of the breakfast room and construction of the wine cellar in the old cellar vault

2002: Renewal of the heating, conversion from the old oil heating to “cleaner” gas, CHP (combined heat and power with 2/3 thermal energy and 1/3 electrical energy) including the construction of a local heating supply to the villa.

2004: Extension of the seminar wing, three new seminar rooms from 40 to 140 m², new staircase, new wellness area, WLAN in the entire seminar area, as well as in the restaurant and in all rooms

2006: Renovation and enlargement of the fourth seminar room including a small terrace; all conference rooms now have direct access to the outside, meetings in the countryside possible

2009: Complete renovation of the kitchen, conversion to induction, conversion of 3 small double rooms to single rooms

2010: The old name “Landgasthof Wilhelm Fischl” was discarded and the entry of the new name in the company register was changed accordingly: Hotel des Glücks – Landhotel Fischl, Petra Haider eU

2015: Renovation of the rooms in the main building (floors, bathrooms)
Conversion of the heating to the local biomass local heat supply

2017: The first electric filling station is created (1x for Tesla vehicles and 1x with the conventional type 2 plug)
Renovation of the terrace as well as all rooms and bathrooms in Villa Brigitta
Conversion to 100% green electricity

2019: The new fully electric BMW i3 is now available for guest transfers, short-distance trips and for renting out to our guests